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The Kiri Tree Company

We are the original company that pursued the licensing for certain strains of Paulownia from Japan and China in the States of California and Hawaii.  The result is our Kiri Tree which has been licensed as non-invasive. 

Years ago Petroleum production producers from Texas and environmental remediation experts from Japan desired to work together to clean up the damages caused by the Oil & Gas industry.  The result was the creation of Kiri Inc., an international sustainable energy company.


The Kiri revolution began in Texas and through those original efforts sparked European journalists to take notice. The articles spread to Brazil in Portuguese, and educated the culture about the Kiri Tree.  The rain forests that were cut down have been replanted with Kiri Trees, and are now green and responsible for a large percentage in biomass production for Brazil and the European market.


Today we have targeted areas over the U.S. including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, California and Texas.  These states are great for Kiri Trees because they have the right climate and irrigation.


​Seasonal Plants and lumber

We are able to remediate Oil & Gas clean up areas with Kiri Tree agricultural remediation techniques.  Recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  We buy and Lease land for Kiri Tree farm production and biomass energy reforestation.

We are looking to buy and lease land for Kiri Tree farm production and Biomass Energy Reforestation.

We set up biomass, cloning, exporting, harvesting , importing, irrigation, landscaping

planting, and remediation.







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