It is popular in its native China for reforestation, roadside planting and as an ornamental tree. It grows well in a wide variety of soil types, notably poor ones, but needs a lot of light and does not like a high water table.  Paulownia timber is a pale whitish colored wood with a straight grain.  Its characteristics of rot resistance and a very high ignition point ensures the timber's popularity in the world market. The wood is also important in China, Korea, and Japan for making the soundboards of stringed musical instruments such as the guqinguzhengpipakoto, andkayagum.  In world war II the wood was used in the Japanese Zero aircraft because of its light weight and great strength. The tree is known to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions ten times more than the average tree and also in return produce ten times more oxygen (O2).  It loves toxic waste and can be used to assist in organic remediation throughout the world.  



The Kiri Tree (Paulownia species) is a fast-growing deciduous hardwood tree native to China, which can produce valuable timber in a relatively short time period compared to conventional forest plantations. The trees can grow to over 6 meters in height in the first season, and after 10 years can have more than 50cm in trunk diameter and over 20 meters tall. They have large shady leaves in summer, and abundant fragrant flowers in spring. The leaves improve the soil or can be used for animal fodder. When the Kiri Tree is cut, it will self-regenerate from the stump.


Our Vision

Kiri Inc. 
Japanese teams guided under Ken Okura and Kazu Suigura began planting Kiri Trees in California and Hawaii in 2000.  The team succesfully rotated a five year lumber crop generating millions in revenue while remediating the toxicity caused by oil and gas production.
Today, Chris Sanders has created clones of The Kiri Tree ready to be planted in CA, TX, and other states where conditions lend themselves to the planting of a successful Kiri Tree Plantation. 

 The Perfect Tree

These very unique characteristics make the Kiri Tree the perfect tree for areas with lots of water and sunshine.  As an example, Texas suffers from extremely contaminated soil, air, and water, which has a harmful effect on all of it's residents. This Wonder Tree can help purify Texas and make it Green again! It is such a blessing that the Kiri Tree loves toxicity, lots of sunshine, and reduces the CO2 levels in our environment.  



Today, Chris Sanders and Kiri, Inc., have created and tested a clone that is perfect for the Texas, California, and a few other states where water and sunshine are plentiful.  Due to current severe changes in our Earth’s environment, it has become clear that the human race must transform rapidly and do something equally as tremendous in order to maintain a well-balanced existence with our Planet.  One of the most effective and natural methods for detoxifying our Planet comes to us as a magnificent gift from Japan called the Kiri Tree, which is also referred to as theJapanese Empress Tree, and the Paulownia Tree. The benefits of this tree are boundless and amazing. Not only does the Kiri Tree absorb ten times more CO2 than any other tree but also, it soaks up toxicity in the air, dirt, and water and then expels a massive amount of Oxygen.  In fact, the Kiri Tree flourishes and loves toxic soil and water. It is safe to say that it is the fastest growing tree on the planet. When planted from a seed and grown for eight years, it will be the same size as a 40-year-old Oak tree.

Kiri Inc.