Ken Okura - Director
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Kazu Suigura - Director

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We believe that companies will realize their negative adverse environmental impacts and in fact plant trees to reverse their damage.  This company was founded by an oil man who felt guilty about all of the oil he produced.  So, he planted Kiri Trees to reverse the damages caused by his oil production.  If eight (8) trees are planted, they will reverse the emission caused by one semi truck.  Therefore, feesably a trucker could buy eight Kiri Trees, plant them, and be operating as a zero impact trucker.  We have invented the concept of a  “Zero Impact Company”, and that is why we are “Kyoto Compliant”.
Growth strategies beyond our first Kiri Tree Plantation include selling transportation companies on the benefits of planting Kiri Trees to offset the negative effects their vehicles have on the environment.  Point being, beyond the Kiri Tree Plantations, there are a number of ways for our company to create revenues/profits, all while contributing to the betterment of the environment. 
We believe that companies will pay to have clean conscious’s. When their customers can choose between a clean company and a dirty one…Who do you think they will pick? 
The choice is obvious.  A clean company is the way of the future!
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